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eumaledictio's Journal

6 September
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adult swim, aimee mann, akira, all in the family, anime, aphex twin, avocados, babes in toyland, battling lesbians, bauhaus, beatles, being undramatic and uncaring, bikini kill, billy idol, biting, booze, breeders, brussel sprouts, burning fags, camping, cardigans, cat power, chris isaac, cindy lauper, clash, collard greens, collecting wires, commiting misdemeanors, concrete blonde, cooking, cottage cheese, cowboy bebop, cowboy junkies, cure, cussing, david bowie, dead kennedys, dogs, dresden dolls, eating, eels, elastica, elvis, elvis costello, embarassing people, fishing, flaming lips, forgetting about people, four non blondes, frank herbert, front 242, full metal alchemist, garbage, getting drunk, ghost in the shell, going to places, graham greene, guy de maupassant, harry belafonte, heather nova, hiking, hole, in-grid, jean paul sartre, john irving, john wayne, johnny cash, k's choice, ken kesey, killing minorities (just kidding), kissing, kmfdm, knife fights with dikes, kogepan, kurt vonnegut, l7, laughing at people, laurie anderson, lemonheads, leonard cohen, letters to cleo, licking, listening to bad music, liz phair, lords of acid, lou reed, making rude comments, making up stories, mike patton, misfits, neil young, nin, nina simone, offending people, olive, orb, peaches, pixies, pizza, pj harvey, playing with computer guts, playing with money, playing with photographs, poe, portishead, praga khan, pretenders, prince, princess mononoke, punky brewster, radishes, ray bradbury, reading, red elvises, richard bach, roxette, sculpting, sex, shivaree, skiing, sleater kinney, sonic youth, sour cream, spinach, sponge, stabbing ugly people, staying up all night, swimming, tad williams, taking photographs, talking in other languages, telling true stories, terry brooks, tito puente, tori amos, touching soft people, trigun, usual suspects, vandals, velvet underground, veruca salt, violent femmes, watching lots of movies, westerns, white stripes, william somerset maugham, yeah yeah yeahs, your mom